Sunday, July 26, 2015

ISR Channel 18 Soft-Rock Magazine: Robbie Buchanan - "His Famous Keyboard sounds & intros"

1.Amy Grant -Grown Up Christmas List_1992
2.Bryan Duncan - Safe Harbor_1994
3.Bryan Duncan- Away in a Manger O Come to My Heart1995
4.Crystal Lewis- 'In Return' (1996)
5.Christopher Cross -Same Train 1991
6.Elaine Paige-Heart Don't Change My Mind-1991 
7.Christopher Cross-is there something 1991
8.Julio Iglesias- Love Has Been A Friend To Me-1990
9.LUIS MIGUEL -hasta que me olvides 1993 (Randy Kerber)
10.luis miguel -me niego a estar solo 1993
11.luis miguel- pensar en ti 1993
12.luis miguel - solamente una vez 1994
13.luis miguel -como yo te ame 1994
14.Luis miguel- historia de un amor 1994
15.luis miguel- mas alla de todo 1990
16.luis miguel- devuelveme el amor 2003 (Grabado por Francisco Loyo utilizando los sonidos de Robbie Buchanan)
17.luis miguel- perfidia 2001
18.luis miguel- somos novios 1994
19.Natalie Cole-No More Blue Christmas-1994 
20.Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack-The Gift-1999
21.Peabo Bryson ~ Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas-2005
22.Peabo Bryson It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year-2005
23.Sandi Patty-Where The Nails Were-1994
24.Sally Moore What Are You Waiting For-1990
25.Luis Miguel-Dormir Contigo-2003
26.Sergio mendes-never gonna let you go- 1983
27.luis miguel -entregate 1990
28.whitney houston -saving all my love 1985
29.Twila Paris-A Heart That Knows You-1992
30.The River-Carman-1993
31.Stephanie Mills 'We Can Move Mountains-1991
32.Sandi Patty - for the world-1990
33.Sandi Patty- Unexpected Friends-1990
34.Ray Parker Jr-The Past-1987
35.Misato Watanabe -Lovin' you (1992)
36.Misato Watanabe-Sakurano hana no saku koroni (1992)
37.Luis miguel- delirio-1994
38.luis miguel -sin ti 1994
39.Los Temerarios-Si Tú Te Vas_2008 
40.Los Temerarios Confesión -2008
41.Jose Feliciano-Que Voy A Hacer Sin Ti-1985
42.Jose Feliciano & lani Hall- un amor asi-1985

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